krysta versus . The Talking Shoes

Some days you just need your shoes to do the walking and talking for you. Be nice to your feet people, they go through more than you think. But it’s, “all for the love of fashion, right?” All I’m saying is give them a rest every once in a while, give them something to smile about, or in this case “wink” about.
krysta versus . The Talking Shoes
My love affair with loafers began two years ago when I discovered Del Toro and The Velvet Skull Slipper . It was love at first sight and naturally I have coveted everything Del Toro since. The man can do no wrong, case in point with these beyond fantastic PRINCE ALBERT BONE CANVAS SLIPPER LOAFERS WITH WINKING EYE EMBROIDERY.
I prefer to sport the bare legs when I fashion a pair of fancy loafers, it allows the attention to be drawn to your winking feet. To achieve this affect I went with my favorite pair of ACNE navy crinkled short, but any relaxed fit short will boast the same results. For a topper I went with a simple graphic tee to reflect my personality, thank you 3.1 Phillip Lim for letting me harness my inner “Weirdo.”  With the whole boyfriend look covered I felt it only proper to bring in a feminine touch with the Gold Sliver Tuxedo Jacket by rag & bone.
I decided to bring out the color of our shoes “eye” with this amaze balls shades of blue Dannijo Zinnia Necklace. Growing up my parents would bicker back and forth on the topic of what color my eyes were. My mother stood firm with, “baby blue, just like your grandpa.” As for my father he stood firm with green, maybe he only saw me on cloudy days? Guys, I have those freakish eyes that change with the weather, my mood, or my cycle. Blue one day green the next. Or, sometimes they decide to do one of both leaving it a debate forever open with no clear victor in sight – no pun intended here.
For the closing act, I give you a grey and banana yellow pouch bag by Proenza and a Coral lipstick from YSL, the perfect back up singers to our super star look  (as said in the voice of Molly Shannon, Duh!). Oh and don’t forget your La Mer camel leather watch, heaven forbid you be late for brunch!
xx ; )

Rag bone jacket
$1,130 –

Proenza schouler


La mer jewelry

Yves saint laurent lipstick

krysta versus . april showers

April showers bring May flowers, right? Wrong! These showers bring frizzy hair, which in my experience works on no one. krysta versus . april showers
With all of this rain hitting New York City lately, I find it only appropriate to dedicate some time to rainy day attire that wont make you look gloomy. I admit that I am feeling a bit nostalgic for Kansas, thankfully that’s nothing slipping into a pair of Baldwin jeans and popping on their signature KC ball cap could’t fix. With such an amazing Kansas City Brand, Baldwin Denim, acting as the heart of this look, I felt it only right to pair them with “yellow brick road” stompers – Red Acne Booties.
To accessorize I went with my trusty and ever loyal friend, Roberto Coin Cross necklace. Rarely will you see me without it decorating my neck. Isabel Marant’s cuff is the perfect bridge to our Dorothy red boots.
Being more of a hood wear’er myself, I rather leave the hassle of an umbrella at home. Didn’t you know that New York City is where umbrella’s go to die? I have found that Aritzia’s Talula Trooper Jacket has weather’d many a storms with me and without it’s coverage I would of been left a soggy mess. Now that we have the frizz under control with my hood and KC ball cap lets turn to the man of the hour…Mickey Mouse. With M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E (You just sang the Mickey Mouse club theme song didn’t you?) by your side, “you can do things and go places, all around the world, you’ll go marching” in the rain…
I truly feel that you can go out in the world and handle any weather that comes your way. Incase you’re still feeling uneasy about facing that rain alone I give you the ever coveted Celine Luggage Tote, the perfect PIC – (Partner in Crime). Need I say more?
xx the old man that bumped his head

krysta versus . green acres

“Green Acres is the place for me. Farm livin’ is the life for me.” Let’s be a walking contradiction, shall we?
I’d first like to admit that I once stole a box of sparkle crayons. Phew, glad I got that off my chest. I hid said crayons in the front pouch of my white floral short overalls when I was of the ripe age of 4. To this day, I feel like I owe overalls my life for not tattle taling on me. So, this one’s for you my ever loyal compadre. Let’s get back to being walking contradictions…
green acres
Starting with a focus, or as I like to call it the “heart” of the outfit, is key, because without it you’d have lifeless corpse of a get up. In this case we call on the dowdy and borderline masculine pair of overalls. Let the fun begin.
I started by thinking of the most feminine things I could – diamonds, lace, heels, and red lipstick.  Yeah, that ought to show those overalls who wears the pants in this relationship – see what I did there?
Pardon my french but, “Je suis convoiter la merde hors de ce collier Roberto Cavalli.” I mean, do you blame me? Is it a Flamingo? Is it a Peacock? I don’t know, and I don’t rightfully care, it’s a bonafied eyegasm ladies and gents. The perfect piece that screams, “Don’t mess with me bro, overalls are cool!”
This Simone Rocha floral lace top is ideal for balancing out a more masculine look. It lightens up the overalls, shows a little skin, and allows men to overlook the questionable farmer action going on…well, everywhere.
I could not bring myself to settle on just one pair of pumps for this look, so you’re getting two! Zara killed it with the black and white striped pump, ideal for a more subtle vibe. But, those Manolo Blahnik’s – did I die and go to Barbie’s closet? If you’re not afraid to be bold and loud with your style PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go with a neon pump like this… you wont regret it! When in doubt, I like to always think WWBD? (What Would Barbie Do?).
I figured if we are going bold, let’s go big or go home. Thank heavens Satchel Company read my mind on the neon yellow memo.
And to finish this oh so desirable contradicting look, I leave you with the wisest of words from the one and only, Man Repeller – “Sunglasses, like red lipstick, change everything.”
xx “Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue.”

krysta versus . high tops

Completely underrated is our dear friend, the high top. Two of my favorite characteristics wrapped up in one, dainty and masculine, when morphed properly, create the birth of a god(dess). There are endless ways to wear these little puppies and your ankles will be thanking you for the cozy addition to your, over flowing, shoe collection. Now, let’s begin our love affair with these under appreciated stereotyped bad boys.
krysta versus. high tops
1. They’re easy to love because they’re comfortable. Let’s be real…when living in New York heels never sound all that appealing while romping around the city trying to look fabulous. This is why I’m currently obsessed with the Be & D sneakers. Why not kill two birds with one stone; a high top with a stiletto painted on it – the ultimate illusion. You’ll be walking around the city with confidence, feeling 10 inches taller. Trust me on this one.
2. Perfect for executing that, “Oh this, I just threw it together (but I know I look amazing)” look. Props to Lanvin and Mochino for creating the Cadillac of high tops and making them the ultimate solution for this effortless look. Leather? Yes, please.
3. It’s a form of the fashion mullet and be honest, who doesn’t love a mullet? Business: Cute pant suit or dress on top & Party: fantastic high top on the bottom. What better way to do this than with a little bit of glitz? I am by no means a glitter kind of lady, but I can’t stop day dreaming about Kate Spade’s striped canvas high tops with a glittered toe. Talk about happy feet! It’s like a mini disco for your toes.
High tops are not just for punks and toddlers anymore ladies and gents; they’re taking over the world and looking damn good doing it.
xx happy high topping.

Lanvin hi top sneaker

Kate Spade flat shoes

Be & D be&d shoes
$210 –

Be & D be&d shoes