krysta versus . high tops

Completely underrated is our dear friend, the high top. Two of my favorite characteristics wrapped up in one, dainty and masculine, when morphed properly, create the birth of a god(dess). There are endless ways to wear these little puppies and your ankles will be thanking you for the cozy addition to your, over flowing, shoe collection. Now, let’s begin our love affair with these under appreciated stereotyped bad boys.
krysta versus. high tops
1. They’re easy to love because they’re comfortable. Let’s be real…when living in New York heels never sound all that appealing while romping around the city trying to look fabulous. This is why I’m currently obsessed with the Be & D sneakers. Why not kill two birds with one stone; a high top with a stiletto painted on it – the ultimate illusion. You’ll be walking around the city with confidence, feeling 10 inches taller. Trust me on this one.
2. Perfect for executing that, “Oh this, I just threw it together (but I know I look amazing)” look. Props to Lanvin and Mochino for creating the Cadillac of high tops and making them the ultimate solution for this effortless look. Leather? Yes, please.
3. It’s a form of the fashion mullet and be honest, who doesn’t love a mullet? Business: Cute pant suit or dress on top & Party: fantastic high top on the bottom. What better way to do this than with a little bit of glitz? I am by no means a glitter kind of lady, but I can’t stop day dreaming about Kate Spade’s striped canvas high tops with a glittered toe. Talk about happy feet! It’s like a mini disco for your toes.
High tops are not just for punks and toddlers anymore ladies and gents; they’re taking over the world and looking damn good doing it.
xx happy high topping.

Lanvin hi top sneaker

Kate Spade flat shoes

Be & D be&d shoes
$210 –

Be & D be&d shoes

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