krysta versus . april showers

April showers bring May flowers, right? Wrong! These showers bring frizzy hair, which in my experience works on no one. krysta versus . april showers
With all of this rain hitting New York City lately, I find it only appropriate to dedicate some time to rainy day attire that wont make you look gloomy. I admit that I am feeling a bit nostalgic for Kansas, thankfully that’s nothing slipping into a pair of Baldwin jeans and popping on their signature KC ball cap could’t fix. With such an amazing Kansas City Brand, Baldwin Denim, acting as the heart of this look, I felt it only right to pair them with “yellow brick road” stompers – Red Acne Booties.
To accessorize I went with my trusty and ever loyal friend, Roberto Coin Cross necklace. Rarely will you see me without it decorating my neck. Isabel Marant’s cuff is the perfect bridge to our Dorothy red boots.
Being more of a hood wear’er myself, I rather leave the hassle of an umbrella at home. Didn’t you know that New York City is where umbrella’s go to die? I have found that Aritzia’s Talula Trooper Jacket has weather’d many a storms with me and without it’s coverage I would of been left a soggy mess. Now that we have the frizz under control with my hood and KC ball cap lets turn to the man of the hour…Mickey Mouse. With M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E (You just sang the Mickey Mouse club theme song didn’t you?) by your side, “you can do things and go places, all around the world, you’ll go marching” in the rain…
I truly feel that you can go out in the world and handle any weather that comes your way. Incase you’re still feeling uneasy about facing that rain alone I give you the ever coveted Celine Luggage Tote, the perfect PIC – (Partner in Crime). Need I say more?
xx the old man that bumped his head

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