krysta versus . The Talking Shoes

Some days you just need your shoes to do the walking and talking for you. Be nice to your feet people, they go through more than you think. But it’s, “all for the love of fashion, right?” All I’m saying is give them a rest every once in a while, give them something to smile about, or in this case “wink” about.
krysta versus . The Talking Shoes
My love affair with loafers began two years ago when I discovered Del Toro and The Velvet Skull Slipper . It was love at first sight and naturally I have coveted everything Del Toro since. The man can do no wrong, case in point with these beyond fantastic PRINCE ALBERT BONE CANVAS SLIPPER LOAFERS WITH WINKING EYE EMBROIDERY.
I prefer to sport the bare legs when I fashion a pair of fancy loafers, it allows the attention to be drawn to your winking feet. To achieve this affect I went with my favorite pair of ACNE navy crinkled short, but any relaxed fit short will boast the same results. For a topper I went with a simple graphic tee to reflect my personality, thank you 3.1 Phillip Lim for letting me harness my inner “Weirdo.”  With the whole boyfriend look covered I felt it only proper to bring in a feminine touch with the Gold Sliver Tuxedo Jacket by rag & bone.
I decided to bring out the color of our shoes “eye” with this amaze balls shades of blue Dannijo Zinnia Necklace. Growing up my parents would bicker back and forth on the topic of what color my eyes were. My mother stood firm with, “baby blue, just like your grandpa.” As for my father he stood firm with green, maybe he only saw me on cloudy days? Guys, I have those freakish eyes that change with the weather, my mood, or my cycle. Blue one day green the next. Or, sometimes they decide to do one of both leaving it a debate forever open with no clear victor in sight – no pun intended here.
For the closing act, I give you a grey and banana yellow pouch bag by Proenza and a Coral lipstick from YSL, the perfect back up singers to our super star look  (as said in the voice of Molly Shannon, Duh!). Oh and don’t forget your La Mer camel leather watch, heaven forbid you be late for brunch!
xx ; )

Rag bone jacket
$1,130 –

Proenza schouler


La mer jewelry

Yves saint laurent lipstick

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