krysta versus . beach bag swag

A surprise visit home to Kansas last weekend was a great success! It was a true test these past 3 weeks keeping my mouth shut to all of my friends but, I was sweetly rewarded with all the priceless faces when I showed up to my best friends going away party friday night. Nothing in the world beats a solid weekend home with old friends.
While I was home my good friend asked me my opinion on a good summer beach/pool bag. Naturally it got me thinking that I too need to invest in a new beach bag for any unexpected trips to Montauk or the Hampton’s this summer – Wink, wink. A girl can dream can’t she? krysta versus . beach bag swag
The 3 things I look for when it comes to beach bags are as follows. Take notes my little minions!
1. Material – can it stand up to all the sand, water, sunscreen, oil and beer you’re going to throw its way? My suggestion is to go with nylon, a waxed cotton canvas or crocheted straw. These materials not only repel any godly substance that will find its way on your bag but they look amazing as well! A classic WIN,WIN situation people.
2. Size and strap length – When in doubt think Mary Poppin’s when you go for an all day outdoor outing. Be prepaired for anything to come your way. Let’s be practical people, once it’s all said and done it’s a heavy load we are going to be carrying – lotions, oils, towel, sunglasses, hat, water bottle, snacks, speakers… shall I go on? You get the idea…we want what I call an “Endless Pit” kind of bag.
3. Last but certainly not least…I look for personality. Is this bag going to elude my personality without me having to explain a thing? Are you preppy? Go with the nautical stripe Sole Society tote or the J crew Navy woven tote. A little edgy, try the Mara Hoffman Printed tote (my personal favorite)! Do you love classic chic? I’d go ahead and suggest the Marc Jacob Nylon Tote in Beige. I have worn the Marc Jacobs in Black for a solid 4 years now and it has yet to go out of style.
Now that you have your perfect Beach Tote in tow, go on and soak up those rays, worry free of course. Just make sure you don’t forget the sunscreen, that never ends well and unfortunately a sunburn doesn’t compliment any beach bag and completely ruins your swag.
xx Suns out Guns out. 

Marc by marc jacobs tote

Sole society

J crew tote

krysta versus . drawstrings

Let’s talk drawstrings.
Ladies, let’s avoid those muffin tops this summer, give your hips some wiggle room. My current obsession with drawstring shorts started with the appeal of that perfect slouchy comfort without losing that chic appeal. One short, two looks…come on it doesn’t get better than this!
Shall we go sporty during the day? Fabulous idea! Throw on a slouchy tee – the Velvet Kim Sheer V-Neck is my go to – and slip into my Cole Haan sneakers or Dolce Vita leather loafers and viola, I give you the perfect summer romp around look.
5:00pm: Did someone say happy hour? Who, what, when, where? (Never! ask why when it comes to happy hour) I’ll be there in 15…swap out the sneaks for some ankle booties –Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Bootie – and throw on a black blazer or leather jacket and you’ll be surrounded by your people and sipping on pitchers in no time flat. Did I mention how banana’s you’ll look too?
If you’ve always wanted to try the whole “thrown together” effortless look, this will be a great starter piece! Like I always say be bold and your confidence shall follow.
krysta versus . drawstrings
My favorite drawstrings:
The Splendid Chambray Short, Slouchy jean shorts…don’t mind if I do.
Dolce Vita Macie Mojave Short in Neon. Just bought them yesterday, so yes it’s safe to say I’m obsessed.
STYLESTALKER Future Echoes Short in Faux Leather. Retro Sporty with a leather look, honestly do you need to me go on…it’s a no brainer.
Are you feeling daring? I shouldn’t even have to dare you to, but, I will…
Madewell Rachel Antonoff Printed Track Shorts (Bottom Left)
Scotch and Soda Tropical Print Silk Short (Bottom Right)
xx All in a days work, “tying” off…krystaversus.