krysta versus . boyfriends

krysta versus. in her shoesJeans Current Elliot

Top  CÉLESTE By Krysta Kerr

Shoes were bought in Paris

Riddle me this: Every girl needs them, simply glows when they’re with them, and can romp all around town with them. Uh, duh…Boyfriend JEANS.

If you’re anything like me, actually stealing a pair from my boyfriend tends to be hard when I lack the most important ingredient…the boy. Thank god for fashion trends and the world of online shopping to save me the hassle of finding a boy just to steal his clothes. Since we are on that topic, I’d like to say that when, and I do put plenty of emphasis on the “when”, I stumble onto Mr. Right he will be a perfect picture of a disheveled mess of handsome. And, at this point in my life I will take his clothes and wear them and quote me, Rock the hell out of them.  

There is something about men’s fashion that has drawn me in over the years and in turn rubbed off on my own personal style. Skin tight is not in my vocabulary. I always like to keep a nice fitted:slouchy ratio going on when putting my outfits together. As much as I’d love to run around in Boyfriend jeans and an oversized T-shirt all day long, I might get mistaken for a homeless person. So, the rule of thumb I stick to is simple: Baggy pants – Fitted Top or visa versa Slouchy Top – Skinny Pants, they just balance each other better that way.

So, go on my little minions and share your boyfriends with the world, I guarantee you’ll turn heads. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who can look relaxed and confident in her style. A little birdie once told me that men like when things are left up to the imagination rather than painted out for them. Think about it next time you’re about to slip into that body con (3 step) dress, give them the chase…

Well, seeing how this little fashion lesson just turned into a “how to get a boyfriend” tutorial from a highly unqualified source… I bid you farewell and good luck!

xx think like a woman, dress like a man 😉


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