krysta versus . ‘merica

IMG_4313     krystaversus . 'merica

top .  Elizabeth and James : Castaway Bowery Tee

shorts . PLAINO Levi High Waisted Cutoffs  by Hanmattan on Etsy

clutch . SANG A : Chambray Leather Sand Blasted Leather

shoes . Free People: Gola Nation Retro Classic Sneakers

book . Slyvia Day : Crossfire Series (Book #3) 


America: Home of the brave and land of the free.

It is safe to say that I am completely in my element when I am decked out from head to toe in gaudy American attire. There is something about slipping into a good pair of cut off jean shorts and throwing on an American flag bandana that makes you feel home. If you’re trying to make American Attire look cute, you’re doing something wrong. Enjoy letting go for a moment and showing your USA pride, throw on some Bruce Springsteen- Born in the USA or the Star Spangled Banner – the Whitney Houston Version, I shouldn’t even have to clarify but I will – and let us start this 4th of July off with a bang, but maybe we should get dressed first…

If you were to ask me what makes the perfect ‘Merica outfit it would consist of 3 Very important components.

1. Jorts (Jean Shorts for you amateurs out there) – short, long, overalls…just getter’ done.

2. Obnoxious American Flag gear – tops, shorts, shoes, bags, and hair accessories. Mix as desired. The more the merrier.

3. Budwiser, Bud diesel, Bud Heavy… shall I go on? The most important accessory to complete your outfit will be an ice cold brewski. I encourage a cooler of them, I promise the more you have the more you’ll look the part of a true classy American. Trust me on this, I may or may not be a pro.  Oh and don’t forget your American Flag Koozie.

If you’re not ready to jump head first and truly embrace ‘Merica attire this Fourth, may I suggest a “classier” alternative. I’ve thrown together a pair of Ombre Denim Cutoffs, Elizabeth and James Nautical top, and a SANG A chambray leather structured clutch. Not so fast now, did you really think that I would let you off that easy with out having to sport some version of the American Flag, who do you think I am? These Retro American Flag Sneakers will be the perfect punch to this relaxed 4th outfit!

Now go spell your name with a sparkler and sit back and enjoy some fire works with a cold one in hand. I’ll be doing the same at the Lake of the Ozarks, quiet possibly the most ‘Merican place I can imagine.

Now it’s your turn tell me why you love ‘merica. Comment “I love ‘merica because…” and I’ll pick a winner after the holidays.

xx Happy 4th! Be safe and stay classy America